Characterization of Variable High Voltage D. C. Power Supply Designed and Constructed for Low Pressure Gas Discharge


By A.M. Abdelbagi, N. A. Almuslet.


In this work we characterized a variable high voltage DC power supply, designed and constructed for low pressure gas discharge, suitable for laser pumping and plasma production. A homemade transformer was performed to obtain maximum output voltage of 30 KV and current variation of 100 mA which is required for laser production and plasma creation. A mixture of CO2, N2 and He was tested with different pressures and variable flow rates for discharge evaluation and parameters validation. The peaks intensities of the discharge emission spectrum were linearly related to current variation, which showed homogenous peaks rising up as a good indication of the system power stability. On the same manner, the system efficiency was evaluated form the input electrical power and the electrical energy dissipated inside a discharge cavity, which was approximately equal 20%.


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