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Institute of Laser

The laser institute was established as an specialized institute affiliated to administration of Sudan University of science and technology (SUST) in 2000.
A scientific committe was entrusted with formulating a scientific integral plan taking into consideration the objectives of the national comprehensive stratigy in the field of capacity building, promotion of the scientific research, training and qualifies in multiple fields of laser so as to cultivate cadres capable of meeting the community needs..
Laser specialization is one of the specializations which plays an important and vital role in the daily life , its applications have witnessed extrem Expansion in the late 20 th century. The institute provide post graduate studies in the fields of the laser application such as medicine , engineering , natural science ,agricultural ,vetinary and several other areas . Moreover , the institute provide consultation ,treatment and training services through its clinics and work shop.

The Institute of Laser only institute specializing in laser science and applications in Sudan. The institute managed in the short period since its inception in 2000 to contribute actively in the transfer of such technology to Sudan and benefit from them in many areas and work on indigenization in various ways and means

  • During the period (2007-2013) the outcome institute in the research field and community service are as follows: